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Violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin said of yoga: “Reduced to our own body, our first instrument, we learn to play it, drawing from it maximum resonance and harmony.” Nanna talks to yoga teachers and students who draw maximum resonance from bodies that are no longer young but constantly inspired by spirits that never age.


Bernadette Parsons – on longevity and libido

Bernadette Parsons has a simple prescription for post-menopausal women who suffer from a belief that the best is over and they will never feel desirable again: yoga…

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Simon Hollington: Ageing Isn’t Synonymous With Deteriorating

Simon Hollington glows. That’s not a flowery description, it’s true. A life based on yoga and higher consciousness has given him a quiet, open, loving demeanor that projects like light…

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Photo of Jerry Eisner

Jerry Eisner

Jerry Eisner has been to enough yoga classes, and seen enough quirky behavior in the last five years, he has the material for a stand-up comedy routine about a yoga class. But fantasies of a comedy club gig don’t mean he’s not serious about yoga…

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Merv Neal – and how he laughed his way back to life

Merv Neal is a Laughter Yoga teacher, researcher and mentor who is dedicated to helping people use laughter as a psychological and physical antidote to stress, depression and anxiety…

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