Yoga for people with older bodies, ageless minds and spirits

Yoga Nanna’s aspiration is to enjoy flexibility of the body, mind and attitude right to the end of life. How do we remain psychologically supple, mentally curious and physically engaged in life, whatever changes come our way? Yoga has some answers.

Some of us will scale mountains and sail the world into our 80s. Some have physical or financial limitations that keep us close to home. But all of us can continue to be curios, to find pleasure in the subtle and joy in every day we’re lucky to have.

Yoga Nanna was created by Wendy Guest, a writer, yogi and enthusiastic grandma, with the goal of building an online community keen to explore yoga’s impact on ageing. Nanna can accept the wrinkles, the softening and the drooping. But she will combat the drift towards a fixed life of narrowing horizons and predictable outcomes with all the yogic tools at her disposal.

Living, practicing and creating with yoga

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Living: Philosophy of the ordinary

The ancient yogis were pretty much like we are – minus all the technology. They got angry and frustrated, they suffered when in pain and craved stuff they didn’t have.

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Practicing: Not flexible enough for yoga?

Saying you are not flexible enough to try yoga is like saying you are not thin enough to go on a diet.

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Creating: You are the creative principle

Yoga says creativity is the very essence of what it is to be human. In Sanskrit the phrase is Aham Bramahsmi: I am the creative principle.

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Creative Longevity Blog

“Do your practice,” said yoga master Sri K Pattabhi Jois, “and all is coming.” What’s coming your way in our blog is how yoga can be part of every day and in every place as we live, practice and create.

Nanna’s Notes

A collection of web-wide yoga stuff and ideas for healthy, happy living